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Columbia Law Review
Library/File Location LAWREV/COLUM
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Criminal Law/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Law Reviews & Journals
/Area of Law - By Topic/Municipal Government/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Law Reviews & Journals/Individual Law Reviews & Journals/A - C
/Secondary Legal/Law Reviews & Journals/Individual Law Reviews & Journals/A - C
/States Legal - U.S./New York/Search Law Reviews & Journals
/States Legal - U.S./Virgin Islands/Search Law Reviews & Journals/Individual Law Reviews & Journals/A - C

Columbia Law Review: From October 1982 through current; From Volume 82: For Columbia Law Review Online: From December 2009 through current

Frequency of Update Published regularly - Atypical frequency
8x year (Not published in February, July, August and September)
For Columbia Law Review Online, 8x a year
Updated regularly - Atypical update schedule
As received from the publisher: For Columbia Law Review Online
within 3 days of publication
Data Format Full-text

The Columbia Law Review is a leader in legal scholarship in the United States
and around the world. The Review is an independent nonprofit corporation edited
and published entirely by students at Columbia Law School. It is one of a
handful of student-edited law journals in the nation that publish eight issues a
year. The Review is the third most widely distributed and cited law review in
the country. It receives about 1,500 submissions a year and selects
approximately 25 manuscripts for publication. A recent ranking of law reviews
based on author prominence concluded that the Columbia Law Review ranked first
among all law reviews in the nation.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/North America/United States/New York, USA
/Region of Coverage/United States/Northeast USA/New York, USA
/Region of Coverage/North America/United States/Northeast USA/New York, USA
/Region of Coverage/United States/New York, USA
Publication Type /Source Type/Law Reviews & Journals
Legal /Legal/General Legal Sources
Premier Date August 04, 1993