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CQ Executive Briefings*
Library/File Location NEWS/CQEXBR
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Legislative & Regulatory Resources/News/Legislative News
/Legislation & Politics - U.S. & U.K./U.S. Congress
/Market & Industry/By Industry & Topic/Government & Politics/Legislative News
/News/By Industry & Topic/Government & Politics/Legislative News
/News/Individual Publications/C

From May 23, 2013 through April 18, 2014

Frequency of Update Daily
Monday - Friday
No longer updated
CQ Executive Briefings was merged to Congressional Quarterly News
Publisher CQ-Roll Call, Inc.
Data Format Full-text

Access to certain freelance articles and other features within this publication
(i.e. photographs, classifieds, etc...) may not be available.

Executive Briefing Series are newsletters published by CQ Roll Call, each providing news, insights and analysis on polices relevant to specific industries, including agriculture and food, banking and finance, defense, energy and climate, and transportation.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/United States
/Region of Coverage/North America/United States
News & Business /Topics/Government & Politics
Publication Type /Source Type/News/Industry Trade Press
/Source Type/Industries & Markets/Industry Trade Press
/Source Type/Legal News
Legal /Legal/General Legal Sources
Premier Date November 13, 2013