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Current Analysis Market & Competitive Intelligence
Library/File Location COMPNY/CURANL
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Corporate/Search Industry & Company Reports/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Area of Law - By Topic/Mergers & Acquisitions/Find Industry & Company Reports/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Area of Law - By Topic/Securities/Search Industry & Company Reports/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Company & Financial/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Market & Industry/Reports & Analysis

From February 15, 2013 through current

Frequency of Update Daily
Monday - Friday
Within 1 day of publication
Publisher Current Analysis
Data Format Full-text

Current Analysis provides Competitive Intelligence Solutions that enable companies to anticipate and counter competitive threats. This is achieved through the delivery of tactical, actionable intelligence to help fast-paced companies compete in the highly volatile telecommunications, networking, and business software markets. Current Analysis is capable of supporting many roles across the organization. Sales teams, product managers, marketing professionals, and executives can have access to the business intelligence.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/United States
/Region of Coverage/North America/United States
News & Business /Topics/Business & Management
Publication Type /Source Type/Industries & Markets
Industry /Industry/General Industry Sources
Premier Date October 30, 2013