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Data Privacy, Protection, and Security Law
Library/File Location PRATT/DPPSL
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Banking & Financial Services/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/A.S. Pratt
/Area of Law - By Topic/Federal Practice/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Banking/A.S. Pratt
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/Area of Law - By Topic/Financial Services Industry - Critical Issues/Banking & Financial Services/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/A.S. Pratt
/Area of Law - By Topic/Privacy Law/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/By Subtopic/Communications & Cyber Security
/Secondary Legal/A.S. Pratt

Through March 2018; Release 21

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Publisher Sheshunoff
Data Format Full-text

Data security and privacy law continues to evolve at a rapid pace, resulting in many compliance pitfalls beyond traditional laws and regulations. Most institutions are not able to keep up. Is yours?

Despite the amount of legislation, regulation and litigation, the handling and security of data is still in the early stages of development, where groundbreaking initiatives continue to occur. With the rising influx of jurisdictional issues, which are confusing at best and often contradictory, having a complete analysis of the legal treatment of major issues is key. That's what Data Privacy, Protection and Security Law is here to do, bringing you the key opinions from outstanding legal experts, rather than another recitation of the law.

Data Privacy, Protection and Security Law:

*  Lays out all legal liability issues regarding privacy in an easily               accessible, looseleaf format
*  Provides a complete analysis of legal treatments, with commentary from our       expert authors
*  Examines whether and how the courts, regulators and parties make the correct     judgments
*  Gives legal context for business planning in connection with data privacy and    security compliance
*  Includes periodic updates to keep you informed on the latest developments in     data privacy and security law

In depth topics covered include:

*  Data protection laws
*  Selected e-commerce privacy issues
*  Identity theft
*  Personal data security: Issues in Law
*  Data security and wrongdoer's liability
*  Voluntary obligations to third parties
*  Obligations imposed in Law
*  And other data security issues!

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Table of Contents

The authors are the top experts in e-commerce law. Raymond T. Nimmer is the Dean and the Leonard Childs professor of law at the University of Houston Law Center, where he also codirects the Intellectual Property and Information Law Institute. He was reporter for the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act, and is internationally acclaimed as an expert on electronic commerce law.

Holly K. Towle is the cross-firm coordinator of the E-Merging Commerce practice group at K&L Gates (Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Preston Gates Ellis LLP). She is one of the world's most respected authorities on Internet-based transactions and banking law. Together they provide authoritative analyses of all the different issues facing those transacting e-commerce, including rights, licenses, liabilities, and compliance.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/United States
/Region of Coverage/North America/United States
Publication Type /Source Type/Treatises & Analytical Material
Legal /Legal/Banking & Finance Law
Industry /Industry/Legal
/Industry/Banking & Finance
Premier Date November 11, 2013