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Arab Advisors Group - Research Report Summaries
Library/File Location COMPNY/ARABAG
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Corporate/Search Industry & Company Reports/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Area of Law - By Topic/Mergers & Acquisitions/Find Industry & Company Reports/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Area of Law - By Topic/Securities/Search Industry & Company Reports/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Company & Financial/Analysts & Brokerage Research
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Middle East & Africa/Company & Financial
/Market & Industry/By Industry & Topic/Business & Management
/Market & Industry/Reports & Analysis
/News/By Industry & Topic/Business & Management

From January 01, 2011 through current

Frequency of Update Monthly
Within 1 week of publication
Publisher Arab Advisors Group
Data Format Abstract-Summaries-Briefs

Arab Advisors Group, a member of the Arab Jordan Investment Bank Group, is a specialized research, analysis and consulting company focused on the communications, media, technology and financial markets throughout the Arab World (MENA) region. Arab Advisors Group scope of services include providing primary research based analysis, market sizing forecasting, the competitive landscape, the regulatory landscape, market research, technology developments, market opportunity and risk assessments.

The summaries contain the following components:
- Subject
- Date
- Headline
- Number of pages
- Table of Contents
- Executive Summary
- Introduction/Overview
- List of Exhibits

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/Middle East
News & Business /Topics/Business & Management
Publication Type /Source Type/Industries & Markets/Industry Analyst Reports
Industry /Industry/General Industry Sources
Premier Date February 15, 2013