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Reuters Knowledge Direct
Library/File Location COMPNY/REUTKD
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Corporate/Search Company & Financial Information (except SEC filings)
/Area of Law - By Topic/Mergers & Acquisitions/Search Company & Financial Information (except SEC filings)
/Area of Law - By Topic/Securities/Search Company & Financial Information (except SEC filings)
/Company & Financial/Company Profiles & Directories/Individual Publications
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Americas (excluding U.S.)/Company & Financial
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Asia Pacific/Company & Financial
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Europe/Company & Financial
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Middle East & Africa/Company & Financial

From 2014 through current; Publisher sends the documents in full refresh every week

Frequency of Update Weekly
Within 3 days of publication
Data Format Full-text

Reuters Knowledge Direct is a database of business and financial information on more than 60,000 companies worldwide. It provides information about each company's current operations, history, its different divisions and products, and the markets it serves.

Each company profile may include:
- industry classifications (RBSS*, NAICS, SIC, etc)
- addresses
- company contact information (email, phone numbers)
- number of employees
- business summary
- summary of latest financial results
- summary of equity composition
- indices that the company a member of
- state (US only) and country (global) of incorporation
- incorporation date
- IPO date
- commonly used web addresses
- auditor and transfer agent/registrar details
- officers data (name, age, gender, titles and tenure dates)
- competitor companies

Officer data may also include:
- title(s), tenure dates, age, biography, college(s) attended, and degree(s) and certificates attained.
- committee memberships and affiliations to other public companies.
- compensation (current and historical), including salary, bonus, long term, incentive payouts, stock options and all other compensation. Options summary offered include number exercised and corresponding value realized, as well as number and value of exercisable and non-exercisable options.
- total shares outstanding, total float and number of common shareholders.

Issue level information includes data on various equity issues the company has authorized, whether it's a common or preferred issue, issue order, par currency, par value, shares authorized, shares outstanding, float, votes and conversion factor to the primary issue.

Competitor companies are ranked in order of importance using revenue and market capitalization as scalars. Detailed listing of competitors for US companies, including private competitors, are compiled manually, using a variety of sources including 10K's, Annual Reports, Brokerage Research and Industry Reviews.
*Reuters Business Sector Schema (RBSS) is a market-oriented classification system that was designed to track and display the primary business of a corporation. It closely reflects global industry situations and practices by grouping highly correlated products and services into a single category. The RBSS model consists of a four-level hierarchical system represented by a five-digit code. The first two digits designate the economic sector, the third digit designates the business sector, the fourth digit designates the industry group and the fifth digit designates the particular industries. There are currently 108 RBSS industry classifications available. Each classification will be reviewed and modified regularly in order to adapt to changes in economic development, sector and industry distributions.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/International
News & Business /Topics/Company Information
Publication Type /Source Type/Companies & Organizations/Company Directories & Profiles
Premier Date May 23, 2012