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Chemical Industry Digest
Library/File Location NEWS/CHDGST
Source Selection Location /Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Asia Pacific/Asia Pacific News
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/India/India News
/Market & Industry/By Industry & Topic/Chemical
/News/By Country & Region/Asia Pacific News
/News/By Country & Region/India News
/News/By Industry & Topic/Chemical
/News/Individual Publications/C

From January 01, 2011 through current

Frequency of Update Monthly
usually 2-5 times per month
Same day
Publisher Blockdale Publishing
Data Format Full-text

Access to certain freelance articles and other features within this publication (i.e. photographs, classifieds, etc...) may not be available.

Chemical Industry Digest provides technical and engineering updates on processes, operations and equipment for all chemical process industries such as refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, perfumery chemicals, dyes and dye intermediates, chlor alkali, paints and coatings.

Chemical Industry Digest provides technical papers relevant to these areas and industry segments, and on the design, operation and maintenance of equipment, software and CAD, and new developments in project management and project construction.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/India
/Region of Coverage/Asia/India
News & Business /Topics/Science & Technology
Publication Type /Source Type/News/Industry Trade Press
/Source Type/Industries & Markets/Industry Trade Press
/Source Type/News/Magazines & Journals
Industry /Industry/Engineering
Premier Date December 21, 2011