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Sabq News (Arabic)
Library/File Location WORLD/SABQNW
Source Selection Location /Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Asia Pacific/Asia Pacific News
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Bahrain/Bahrain News
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Middle East & Africa/Middle East & Africa News
/Country & Region (excluding U.S.)/Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia News
/News/By Country & Region/Asia Pacific News
/News/By Country & Region/Bahrain News
/News/By Country & Region/Middle East & Africa News
/News/By Country & Region/Saudi Arabia News
/News/Individual Publications/S

From May 16, 2011 through current

Frequency of Update Daily
Monday - Sunday
Same day
Publisher Sabq Group
Data Format Full-text

Access to certain freelance articles and other features within this publication (i.e. photographs, classifieds, etc...) may not be available.

Sabq News is an Arabic language news portal offering the latest economic, political, sports and general news. The Sabq Group web portals attract millions of visitors per month. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Language: Arabic

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/Middle East/Saudi Arabia
/Region of Coverage/Asia/Saudi Arabia
/Region of Coverage/Saudi Arabia
News & Business /Topics/General News Sources
Publication Type /Source Type/News/Newspapers
/Source Type/News/Web-based Publications
Premier Date August 22, 2011