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Green Pages
Library/File Location NEWS/GREPAG
Source Selection Location /Market & Industry/By Industry & Topic/Government & Politics
/News/By Industry & Topic/Government & Politics
/News/Individual Publications/G

From Fall 2006 through current

Frequency of Update Published regularly - Atypical frequency
three times per year
Within 2 days of publication
Publisher ProQuest Information and Learning
Data Format Full-text

Access to certain freelance articles and other features within this publication (i.e. photographs, classifieds, etc...) may not be available.

Green Pages is the official publication of record of the Green Party of the United States. Its primary purpose is to address the needs of the Green Party, its members and its organizations on the national, state and local levels. Coverage will focus on news of the Green Party and news affecting Green parties. Green Pages will share successes of the party and information to make the party stronger. Secondarily, Green Pages will provide a credible information vehicle for communication and alliance building with media, academics and social movements.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/United States
/Region of Coverage/North America/United States
News & Business /Topics/Environment
/Topics/Government & Politics
Publication Type /Source Type/News/Newspapers
Premier Date October 06, 2010