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Professional Retention and Fee Applications
Library/File Location COMPNY/NGRRET
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Frequency of Update Weekly
Within 1 day of publication
Publisher New Generation Research, Incorporated
Data Format Full-text

NGR collects bankruptcy professional retention and fee data from documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.  When a party involved with a corporate bankruptcy wants to retain a professional to work on their bankruptcy, they have to file a retention motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court stating who the firm is, what they will be doing and why this particular firm is a good fit for this situation.   In a retention document filed with the court, there is information on who the lead practitioner will be, why they are a good fit for this case, what the firm will be charging and more. NGR also extracts the billing information from these documents and captures in a free form text field.

NGR also captures billing information as the cases draws to a close. At that time the retained bankruptcy professionals will submit a Final Fee Application which, among other things, summarizes their total fees for services and their total reimbursable expenses for the case. Billing and final fee application data are collected daily for all public company bankruptcies of $100 million more in pre-petition assets filed after January 1, 2007 or active as of that date.

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Premier Date September 13, 2010