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Computer Law: A Guide to Cyberlaw and Data Privacy Law
Library/File Location MATBEN/COMPLW
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Copyright Law/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Matthew Bender(R)
/Area of Law - By Topic/Cyberlaw & E-Commerce/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Matthew Bender(R)
/Area of Law - By Topic/Federal Practice/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Cyberlaw & E-Commerce
/Area of Law - By Topic/Litigation Workflow/Research/Legal Research/Treatises and Secondary Sources/Federal & Nationwide
/Area of Law - By Topic/Municipal Government/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/By Area of Law/Homeland Security/By Subtopic/Communications & Cyber Security
/Area of Law - By Topic/Privacy Law/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/By Subtopic/Communications & Cyber Security
/Federal Legal - U.S./Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Cyberlaw & E-Commerce
/Secondary Legal/Matthew Bender(R)/By Area of Law/Copyright Law
/Secondary Legal/Matthew Bender(R)/By Area of Law/Cyberlaw
/Secondary Legal/Matthew Bender(R)/By Area of Law/E-Commerce
/Secondary Legal/Matthew Bender(R)/By Area of Law/General Practice

Through April 2018; Release No. 73

Frequency of Update Two times per year
Updated regularly - Atypical update schedule/as received from the publisher
Publisher Matthew Bender & Company, Inc.
Data Format Full-text

AUTHOR: David Bender

Among the features of this treatise are its extensive coverage of US and international privacy and data protection, electronic discovery, electronic evidence, and US and international software protection.

Computer Law discusses:

* The privacy and data protection laws of the United States, the states, the European Union, and many other foreign nations

* Application of the discovery rules to electronic records and other electronic documents

* How to introduce or oppose the admission of electronic evidence, and how to attack or buttress the probative value of this evidence

* U.S. and international methods of protecting software through the use of copyright, trade secrets, patents, and contracts

* The technical basics of computer software and hardware, explained on a level you can understand

First published in 1978.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/United States
/Region of Coverage/North America/United States
Publication Type /Source Type/Treatises & Analytical Material
Legal /Legal/Communications & IT Law
/Legal/Intellectual Property Law
Premier Date August 13, 2000