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Israel Law Review
Library/File Location LAWREV/ISLR
Source Selection Location /Area of Law - By Topic/Foreign Laws & Legal Sources/Israel/Journals
/Area of Law - By Topic/Municipal Government/Search Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals/Law Reviews & Journals/Individual Law Reviews & Journals/G - I
/Find Laws by Country or Region/Foreign Laws & Legal Sources/Israel/Journals
/Secondary Legal/Law Reviews & Journals/Individual Law Reviews & Journals/G - I
/States Legal - U.S./Virgin Islands/Search Law Reviews & Journals/Individual Law Reviews & Journals/G - I

Form Volume 33 No. 1 Winter 1999 to current.

Frequency of Update Published regularly - Atypical frequency
three times per year
Within 2 days of publication
Data Format Full-text

The Israel Law Review contains the full text of documents which are dedicated to
the scholarly review of contemporary Israeli law, Jewish law, international law,
comparative law and topics of general legal interest This publication also
contains digests of major decisions from the Israeli Supreme Court.

Regions of Coverage /Region of Coverage/Asia/Israel
/Region of Coverage/Middle East/Israel
/Region of Coverage/Israel
Publication Type /Source Type/Law Reviews & Journals
Legal /Legal/General Legal Sources
Premier Date November 02, 1999